Just a thought…about the gay thing and religion

I’ve had this blog page for a few years, but never had the courage to actually write something to share. I’ve had enough of a certain topic, and it’s time to share…about the gay thing and religion.

First, I will say that I have some gay friends whom I love and respect dearly. Next, I will say that yes, I am a person of Faith (trying to reclaim the word Christian, but I’ll share more on that later). I believe in God, I pray, I have read and studied scripture. I was even encouraged (ahem…expected) to memorize scripture at a young age. 

I just watched a brief clip on my CNN app about florists in Georgia who want a law to pass so that they would not have legal consequences for refusing to provide services for a commitment ceremony for a gay couple. Wow…all 5 florists said that they would refuse goods/services if they could! In an interview, one of them stated that they would still serve adulterers and people who did not honor their parents (ya know…the 10 commandments). That’s part of what I take issue with. Why choose this “sin” (assuming, just for a moment, that it’s a sin)? Why not adulterers, people who remarry after a divorce, people who are abusive, people who do not share the same religion??? Hold on…these are all PEOPLE. Not some other-beings, but people! Jesus came to be born, live among us, suffer, die, and live again to save ALL people (ya know…even the least of these). 

Now, let me dig a little deeper. First, I do not assume that gay people are living in sin just because they are gay. We all live in sin…that’s the nature of humanness. Although scripture addresses some acts that are associated with gay sexuality (in certain context), those scriptures do not address loving, committed, gay relationships (read Adam Hamilton’s Making Sense of the Bible). 

Next, I am going to share what it means to me to be a Christian. I tend to shy away from that term because there are so many people who call themselves Christian (quite loudly), but do not experience and express Christianity the same way I do. I believe that being a Christian means not only believing in Jesus Christ, but also in trying to be Christ-like. To me, being Christ-like means loving all people. (I’m not one to discuss this without having to ask forgiveness…I know there are people whom I’ve alienated because of my own frustrations and un-Christ-like behavior. I had some very dark years in which I had no patience for people who did not “step up” the way I thought they should. This was a reflection of my own issues, and I’m trying to shed those frustrations and see things through a more loving lens. So, to those whom I have alienated, I’m sorry.) Honestly, I do not want these loud “Christians” representing me and my faith. I do not share in their beliefs that allow them to see and speak of gay people in discriminating, shaming, judgmental ways. It’s very difficult to discuss this without judging those who judge, and this is where I need to be careful. I do not think that I could have a good conversation with these people who discriminate because my patience would just wear thin, but I need to remember that we are all children of God, and that we are called to love each other, even those who are not representing Christianity the way I experience it.

I’m not going to address the Religious Freedom Restoration stuff, other than to say we need to be very careful about mixing government with religion. Regarding these business who wish to turn my friends away, it’s just bad business. I will say that I work in the public schools, where I am privileged to provide services to ALL students (and families) who walk through our halls. I love that God can work through me to love these kids and their families. I’m not perfect at it…I become frustrated and lose patience sometimes, but I would never consider denying services due to the parent’s sexuality, religion, marital status, or the personal financial choices they make. Being an American means all children are educated, and being a Christian means all of us are loved by God. Maybe it’s a weak connection, but it works for me 😉

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